Werner Bonitz

ARTIST STATEMENT:  I am a firm believer that a picture
has to “hang” on it’s own, without the prop of
explanations.  You either like it or you don’t.  However, if
you like the picture then you may also like to know a bit
more about it’s history.

My two lives, as a textile engineer and as a
photographer, complement each other; both deal with
color, shapes and patterns and both require creativity
and technical perfection.

Photography has been my personal form of expression
since I was a teenager.  It allows me to share my
feelings and my perception of the world around me. I am
most interested in the details of my subjects: specific
parts, colors, angles and light. I am always looking for
the picture within the picture.

I love the graphic impact of black and white photography
but I don’t want to miss the joy and celebration of color.
Because color adds extra complexity, I strive to simplify
and clarify the subjects and their settings.

I capture the image on medium format film.  My Mamiya
645 camera gives me a negative that is almost 3 times
the size of a 35mm digital or film negative. This results
in the superior detail and color depth that my pictures
display. My own digital processing and archival digital
printing give me total control over the final picture without
the limiting dependency on outside color labs.
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